What grade are plow bolts?

Plow bolts are typically used to attach the plow share (blade) to the frog (frame) and allow earth to pass over their heads without obstruction to the moldboard. They are also used to fasten the blade to bulldozers and motor graders.  

Plow bolts have a small, round countersunk head and a square neck - the width of the square (measured across the flats) is the same size as the nominal diameter of the bolt. The top of the head can be flat (for plows) or dome (convex) shaped (for dozers/graders). The conical (tapered) bearing surface of a plow bolt is 80°.

The most common grades, materials, and finishes are as follows:

Grade 8.8, steel, zinc plated, and Grade 10.9 and 12.9, alloy steel, yellow zinc plated.


  • 100% Made in the China DTM quality 

  • Formed on precision high speed cold-formers

  • EN ISO 4017 specification

  • Full Traceability


  • Gang Plows

  • Road Graters

  • Scoop Shovels

  •Farm & Road Construction Machines 

Post time: Mar-08-2022