Komatsu bucket tooth pin manufacturing process

Komatsu bucket tooth pin is widely used in today’s excavator equipment and plays a very important role in accessories. Bucket tooth pin is a vulnerable part, which is mainly composed of the bucket tooth base and the tooth tip.Komatsu bucket tooth pin in manufacturing, there are certain standards.What are the main methods used in manufacturing the products?

Komatsu bucket tooth pin for the corresponding processing technology, mainly divided into sand casting, forging, and precision casting.When the cost of sand casting is lower, the casting quality is also lower.The quality of forging casting is the best.The precision casting technology and raw material requirements are high, in the use of it, it has a good function.Now customers generally choose precision casting process, and achieve better quality, to meet the practical

Komatsu bucket tooth pin has a certain positive effect on digging equipment.Good production technology can effectively play a positive role in excavator equipment



Post time: Nov-14-2019