How to prevent the excavator from burning out

In the usual use process, sometimes will lead to the damage of the excavator, how should we prevent it?

One, the battery line pile head poor contact, contact surface oxidation, excavator bucket tooth computer board CPU and instrument damage probability significantly increased, with the same principle of household electrical appliances, if the safety box contact or switch contact is not good, the bulb always bright dark change is easy to burn the bulb.The electrical system on the excavator is the same as household electrical appliances, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the battery pile head contact is solid.

Two, the battery line, excavator bucket tooth this is a very serious mistake, the destruction rate is very great, light burned wire, heavy burned out the computer board instrument power circuit and CPU, some excavator line string diode, power positive and negative pole reverse connection, basic these diodes will be burned out, fuse is certainly not escape.

Therefore, in the usual use process, we should pay attention to how to use the excavator, do not appear damage phenomenon.

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Post time: Oct-09-2019