Components of excavator fittings

Excavator accessories refer to the components that can make up a complete excavator. In industry, they usually refer to wearing parts or detachable parts according to construction requirements.

Excavator accessories belong to the special industry equipment accessories, need special equipment to work with high efficiency and high quality, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, bevel milling machine, plate winding machine, welding positioner, boring machine, casting (forging) equipment, heat treatment equipment, etc.

Excavator accessories are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical accessories and electronic accessories.
1. Mechanical accessories are pure mechanical parts to provide power support, mainly including hydraulic pump, grab, big arm, crawler, engine, etc.
2, electronic accessories are the driving control part of the excavator, used to drive the mechanical parts for reasonable work, mainly computer version, hydraulic flow controller, Angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil pump, etc.
Mechanical parts and drive control parts are mutually complementary. The electronic control part is used to drive and coordinate the effective work of each mechanical part. The situation of the mechanical part is fed back to the electronic control part by the electronic parts, so as to coordinate the work of excavator more effectively and achieve the highest working efficiency.

(1) standard big forearm, extended arm of excavator, extended big forearm (including two-section extended arm and three-section extended arm, the latter is the demolition arm)
(2) standard bucket, rock bucket, reinforced bucket, ditch bucket, grid bucket, sieve bucket, cleaning bucket, tilt bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoidal bucket;
(3) bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic claw, claw clamp, claw wood, mechanical claw, quick change joint, loose soil;
(4) excavator connector, excavating oil cylinder, crushing hammer, hydraulic scissors, hydraulic rammer, vibration hammer, bucket tooth, tooth seat, track, support sprocket wheel, support heavy wheel;
(5) engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, center rotary, rotary bearing, walking drive, cab, control valve, overflow valve, main control multi-way valve
6 electrical components, including:Start motor plate | computer automatic refueling motor | | | screen throttle lever assembly drawing | | | | | the horn button shaw relay solenoid dashboard piece | | insurance monitor compressor | | | control panel of whole vehicle wiring harness connector | | | | suction pump adjustor timer | | | preheating plug resistance fuse | operation light diesel table | | fuse the speaker assembly | | | controller switch magnetic switch | hydraulic pump pressure switch | | | flameout switch ignition switch oil pressure switch| sensor | temperature sensor | oil sensor | diesel sensor | automatic throttle motor sensor | sensor | one-foot sensor | Angle sensor | speed sensor | pressure sensor
7 chassis parts: including;Guide wheel | supporting roller was sprocket | | tooth flux | | | chain chain driving chain pin shaft | | fight four-wheel area | | guide wheel caterpillar track assembly support | rotary bearing rubber caterpillar crawler assembly | | | | track segments | | when tight device up tight oil cylinder block | up tight oil cylinder | universal joint cross screw big spring | | | chain plate chain plate | | link chain | bottom plate.
End hydraulic parts: the main oil seal | repair package | | O circle water pump repair | | hammer repair package distributing valve repair bag | hydraulic pump repair bag | rotary pump repair package | cylinder repair bag | walking motor repair bag | | hydraulic oil cylinder piston cylinder | in the | arm bucket cylinder | | cylinder tensioning cylinder | | large nut | large arm oil cylinder piston rod

Post time: Jan-31-2019