Bucket tooth pin application

Bucket tooth pin is a part of a lot of machinery to contain, with this part bucket teeth can play a good job, at the same time this part has many different models, such as Komatsu Tooth pin, Caterpillar tooth pin, Hitachi tooth pin, Daewoo tooth pin, Kobelco tooth pin, Volvo tooth pin, Hyundai tooth pin, etc, in the use of the time, should be selected according to the requirements of use.

Komatsu bucket teeth pin during manufacturing, in order to make it with good functional, thus the corresponding parts to its manufacturing, the corresponding casting parts of its own, so that the parts are casting molding, when on the casting process, will carry on the appropriate normalizing, effectively improve the parts of organization, as well as the performance, this to a certain extent, can effectively improve the service life of the product.

Different use environment, also requires the use of different bucket tooth pin, because in the face of different environment, the use of bucket teeth are different.For example, when used in excavators, digging ordinary soil, wind-blown sand, coal surface coal, as long as the use of flat mouth is ok, if it is to dig coal block, you should use TL type, this type of higher efficiency, block shape is better.Because of the different shape of the tooth tip, sometimes different connection models are used.





Post time: Apr-13-2022